R.I.P. Malaya Heun – When will it end?

Malaya Heun

Malaya Heun

This sweet baby is Mayala.  Mayala was just 15 months old when she was rushed to the hospital by her caretaker because…you guessed it, something wasn’t right.

Upon examination what the doctors found was heartbreaking:

Malaya was taken to Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte with extensive trauma that hospital officials say included seven broken ribs, bruises, a displaced clavicle and torn intestines. She also had vaginal and rectal damage, warrants say….

Investigators spoke with a sexual assault nurse examiner who examined Malaya at the hospital. The nurse said she’s collected more than 100 sexual assault examinations throughout the past 10 years. The nurse also said this was one of the “worst substantiated sexual abuse cases that she has seen,” the warrant said.

The nurse said in her professional opinion, Malaya Heun had been “severely sexually assaulted.”

I spoke to the reporter covering the story and asked her about the DNA results and whether any arrests have been made.  She says no arrests have been made and the DNA testing could take months to complete…months. 

Ridiculous!  We should be able to get results a lot quicker with our advanced modern technology! Uuugh!

There are many twists and turns in this case with several players involved.  I will reserve my opinions and statements until after I do some more follow-ups.   Just note there are people who know what happened and who is responsible and they have chosen to keep quiet as this baby suffered a horrific rape.

Stay tuned.  We need more people to keep this little girl’s name and face in the news so we could hopefully stop this from happening again to another sweet baby.

R.I.P. Malaya!