Troy Laufenberg – If you are innocent, stop hiding

I recently got an email from supposedly a “cousin” of Troy Laufenberg who had some interesting things to say.   Well I want to tell him, Troy, and anyone else who is harboring him – If Troy is innocent then have him come forward and clear his name.  Innocent men don’t run and hide.  Real men stand up and make matters right.

Until you stand up and come forward here are some more pictures


Recent picture

Recent picture

Tattoo inner right forearm

Tattoo inner right forearm

Right Shoulder Tattoo

Right Shoulder Tattoo

myah before and after

There won’t be peace until you turn yourself in.  Every time you look on the interwebs you will see your face and the story.  All you have to do is set the record straight. 

 I know you are reading this.  Be a man and stop running.  People aren’t going to forget.  This isn’t going to just go away. 

13 thoughts on “Troy Laufenberg – If you are innocent, stop hiding

  1. Troy, You are making your families lives miserable. Haven’t you hurt them enough? Just turn yourself in. Get an attorney to advise you and turn yourself in. Stop hurting everyone around you.

  2. Troy you are in more danger outside of the protective custody of the law. If the right person recognizes and decides to take matters in their own hands, you will receive a different kind of justice. Do the right thing for yourself and your family and the family of Myah.

  3. You are acting like a snake -hiding in the weeds getting ready to strike. Another little one? Creep

  4. 40 days Troy Laufenberg has been running from the law.. I know local news, social media etc has been covering all of this but maybe its time to consider getting this story out there to more of the world! If he is in fact innocent as his family and friends claims then one wld think he wld have made a better effort in the past 38 days to somehow prove that not run and make himself look more guilty! If He EVER cared for Myah to any extent one wld think he wld want to resolve this.. If he cares for his baby girl then one wld think he wld want to resolve this.. Running will get him No where but further from resolve for this whole situation! There are two little girls whom need this whole situation to be dealt with in an adult manner.. Myah deserves justice and Troy if ur reading this Your Daughter deserves a chance at knowing u someday, running and causing more trouble for urself gets u no closer to that! You Need to deal with all of this get help it that is what u need, get your life in order and grow up its time to put big boy pants on an make changes. Break the cycle that has been ur life so far. U have been an habitual offender for drug charges ur daughter deserves better, ur daughter needs a father some day! You can break this cycle for her! You have a choice here to show her when she is older that You were cable of being a good man for HER! Its not just about u anymore! I know first hand its scary and I know first hand its hard but YOU CAN DO IT for HER! If not for urself then for that beautiful little girl! I personally do not have an opinion as to weather u hurt Myah or not, I think you have information that can lead to Justice in her case, I do not believe that means u done it.. I am just praying that you find it inside you to do what is right for these little girls.. Your Daughter deserves a Father and Myah deserves Justice and I think you can help them both. Please Consider it…Turn Yourself in So Myah can have some Justice with any information you have and SO Your daughter can see one day that Her father made Good choices and did what was right.. Get help so Some day you can be the Father SHE needs and Deserves!

    • I’m pretty sure he is reading this story.

      People are not going to stop looking for you Troy! This isn’t going away. Turn yourself in to make things right.

      • I am Pretty Sure He see’s a LOT of what is being said about him etc.. If Not him then his family of which I am fairly confident altho purely speculation on my part that they keep in touch. They know as well as him that hiding forever is impossible! 400k flyers to date have went out with his face on it on social media sites alone! Not to mention the public ones and the media and Authorities searching for him.. He wld be better off to turn him self in and get legal representation as you have said.. My fear is there are ppl far worse then most of us can imagine out there I wld hate to see what they are capable of if they found him first.. I REALLY truly DO NOT want to see anything happen to him or anyone else harboring or helping him as that IS a CRIME as well! Troy I pray you find it in your heart to do what is BEST for Your future as a Person and as A Father! She will Need you some day!

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