Troy Laufenberg…Your days (as a free man) are numbered! (Updated)



****UPDATED****  On the evening of Aug 24, Troy was captured.  Read here  Thanks to the tireless efforts of law enforcement and the fantastic citizens who weren’t going to stand by and watch this guy remain free, one wanted man is now off the streets. 

This person you see here is Troy Laufenberg. On July 15th, police responded to the home of Laufenberg and Emily Voshell. Emily’s 18 month old daughter Myah Larson was found unresponsive. She was rushed to the hospital suffering from “Shaken Baby Syndrome” symptoms. She had been shaken so hard she was blind and suffered severe brain damage.

myah before and after

Myah has since been taken off life support but she is still fighting.

Police have issued warrants for Troy’s arrest based on evidence recovered at the home. Troy is on the run and needs to be caught. Troy is from Monona, Iowa so please spread the word to all those in the area and surrounding states. He needs to be brought to justice.

Here are some more pictures of him. He has tattoos on both shoulders and on his left inner forearm. I can’t find height description anywhere but as soon as I do, I will post it up. If you see him contact the police immediately or DCI Special Agent Mike Krapfl, 563-599-4239. Let’s see how quick we could end his run from justice. 3. 2. 1. Get’sum!

Recent picture

Recent picture

Tattoo inner left forearm

Tattoo inner left forearm

Right Shoulder Tattoo

Right Shoulder Tattoo

Dear Moms, Please be extra careful of who you bring around your innocent children. Your kids need to be your first priority. These people (like Troy) leave clues as to who they really are. Troy has been arrested before and I am sure his temper has reared its ugly head in the past. You are the hero for your kids and they depend on you. Don’t invite a monster into your home for your sake and for the sake of your kids. You all deserve better.

Take a stand!

Be Fearless and Stay Fabulous!

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  1. I need to step away from a few minutes! This stuff gets to me. I have a million questions I want to ask the mother. I hope Troy goes down HARD!

  2. a true monster, the boogey man under the bed that terrifies children. WHEN are people going to wake up and realize that these men, while they may have some money that makes you feel a little more safe, or just because you think you need a man around to “take care of you”, men, and I use the word lightly, like this CAN and WILL hurt your children. Stop the madness, protect your children, stop thinking that you need something like this low life around your children. Though it may be hard to work and pay for a baby sitter, or put food on the table, or a roof over your head, it is not worth it when they KILL or permanently maim them. Just stop already, seriously.

    • Isn’t that the truth. Women need to place more value on our kid’s safety over our need for companionship when single. You decide to have a kid, you need to put certain things on the back burner so your kids will be safe. Period!

  3. Need more info on the guy. A head shot doesn’t help much with an id. Height, weight, and distinguishing marks would help greatly.

  4. Sad thing about this case is the mother is only 18 and already had 2 babies, so she was only 16 when she had little Myah then she just had another baby (with this monster, Troy Laufenberg) in March. I don’t know these people, I just looked at their fb pages and Troy has been locked up before, more than once. These poor babies brought into a destructive life is just so sad.

    • I wish these young girls getting pregnant, before getting an education and a career, would realize the hardship it brings when you are not properly prepared. Sad indeed.

      • Not every teen mother is bad I was 16 when I had my little girl and I finished school in 09 and I am going to cosmetology school I don’t like when people talk about young mothers cause its not only teen moms that are bad I see alot of older moms messing up to bring bad man around their kids to.

        • Nikki, you are right in that it’s not just teen moms. Some people are irresponsible at any age. In the context of this particular story, it was a teen who was too young to be a mom not just once but twice. The second child was with a guy with a criminal past and by the looks of it… Has continued his poor behavior

    • Heartbreaking! And the poor innocent children suffer. She needs her tubes tied asap!! This is disgusting beyond belief!! Where are her parents, family, anyone who cares about these poor children???? We need to come down hard on these scum bags!!!

  5. im located in Maine and i shared this oage everyone ! i will help you guys find this child abusing douche bag!

    as for the mother and poor baby girl. i soo hope she does end up getting better my prayers are with you shes the cutestest little girl ever!

    • Thanks! The more people know, the greater the chance of catching him.

      Turn yourself in Troy…. The word is out and the people are looking!

  6. What a scum bag this guy is. Hope he is caught ASAP. He will get far more protection than his victim had. Were it up to me, people like him would be put in the general prison population after conviction.

    • We can only hope…. I think his world might be shrinking. I see him in custody soon. We just have to keep up the pressure by spreading the word.

  7. DOB: 7/31/1992
    Age: 20
    Gender: MALE
    Race: WHITE
    Weight: 175 lb (79 kg)
    Height: 6′ 1″ (1.85 m)
    Eye Color: BLUE
    Hair Color: BROWN

    Scars / Marks / Tattoos:
    Mark Type Body Part Side Orientation Description

  8. You know what is worse is this jerk had a daughter of his own with the mom of Myah.

  9. Keep in mind, it’s not just “men”: that get into meth and are the dirt bags…I have a step-son that has lived with me for 3 years because of his meth head mom…

    • Meth is a helluva drug! I encountered a girl once who was missing all her front teeth, had scabs all over her body, and scratched uncontrollably. I felt compelled to take her picture and post it up at the local schools for the kids to see the REAL effects of drugs

  10. and was sent to prison for a maximum of 10 years, but will be out within 1 1/2 years…no one takes the shit seriously!!!!

    • I thought she was doing better? I have been following the story but didnt hear she passed. I really hope someone catches him.

      • Thank you for responding.. My mistake. She was taken off life support but she is still fighting for life. She is blind and unresponsive with only brain stem activity but she is still fighting…Poor Baby!!

  11. She’s a gorgeous little girl. She looks a lot like my 2 year old. I hope they catch F-ing waste of space. I shared, but I’m in Cali. I hope that someone on my friends list recognizes this scumbag.

    • Thanks for the share. Enough people have got to care and spread the word. Someone somewhere will see it and remember seeing him.

  12. He is 6ft 1 175lbs blue eyes brown hair. Maybe in campgrounds shelters free meal sites. Meth addict.

  13. If anyone would like to help myahs family that now has custody with expenses the address is farmers merchants bank % myah larson fund po box 9 waulon,ia 52172

  14. Sharing in FL…. seems all the criminals run here to hide!! Justice needs to be done for that sweet baby!

  15. Cathy I’m with you on this , how can any MOTHER or DAD , let someone else hurt there baby ,something that god in trusted with ,I know even the mother or dad hurt there babies but gosh I get sick if I have to be mean even smart mouth to them and they r 16 years,11 years and 16 mths ,,,

  16. You also have women in there 20’s that choose to be with these monsters. Example the guy that went to jail for beating my daughter almost eight years ago is married with kids now and before she went back with him she knew what he did. A lot of women think that they can change the guy or say he won’t to our kids because its his blood. News flash once a monster always a monster.

    • Very true, You know Sherri, as I always say “It’s better to be safe than sorry!” If he did it before, why risk being with him? Why put your kids at risk? Some women suffer from low self esteem and don’t realize how wonderful they are and how much they have to offer. They don’t have to settle for a potentially dangerous man. There are plenty of great men out there. Thanks for popping in to voice your opinion!

  17. I find a lot of the comments on this thread disturbing. I’m the MOTHER of a SBS Survivor who is now 18 years old. She’s my hero and my savior all rolled into one. When my daughter was shaken by her father while I was at work I was accused of this horrible crime by the police and CPS (who also made up lies saying it wasn’t the first time I’d done it!). I loved my daughters father and had never been happier in my life until I came home that evening and found my daughter in a coma while her father was busy fixing me dinner. My entire life was ripped out from under me. After he let her lay there all day he said nothing when we went to the emergency room so they could help her. She lay there dying and I was clueless. After they figured it out 6 hours later the police came and took her from my arms and said I would never see her again unless I went home with her father and waited for CPS. I spent the rest of the night being beaten and nearly strangled to death by this person I loved and trusted with my heart and soul while my 5 week old baby was laying all alone near death. Be careful about judging people…sometimes there is much more to the story than you know..

    • Hi Wendy, Sorry you experienced such a terrible tragedy. I hope her dad got the appropriate punishment for what his did to you both. I pray your daughter has a long and healthy life!

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